Teen Auto Insurance

When should a teen get insurance?
In most states, when a teen has their permit and is learning to drive under supervision in the vehicle, they are automatically covered under their parent’s insurance. However, the day they receive their license (even if it is a graduated driver’s license) and will be driving on their own – then it’s time to add them to their parent’s policy.

Would it be cheaper for a teen to get his or her own policy?
Probably not. Teen drivers who are added to their parents’ policy usually get price breaks based on their parents’ discounts that they couldn’t get on their own. The total annual premium for both the parent’s policy and the teen’s auto insurance policy would generally be higher than a single policy that includes all family members.

How much will my rate go up?
Adding a teen driver to an auto insurance policy could increase premiums dramatically. Of course, not everyone will see such a sharp increase. If your premium does go up, there may be ways to offset some of that cost.

How can I save money?
There are three easy ways to save:

  • Have your teen driver hit the books. Many teen auto insurance policies offer discounts for good grades. At Liberty Mutual, we offer a Good Student Discount for teen drivers with a B average or better. That could help you save from 15% to 35%.
  • Look for an older, less expensive automobile, since the value of the car is a large factor in the cost of the insurance.
  • Consider having your teen sign up for the teenSMART online driving course to help improve their driving skills, and potentially receive special savings on your auto insurance. Learn More About Insurance Discounts